Why Crimestoppers is needed

Many people have information about criminals or know of criminal activity. For whatever reason, they want to inform the authorities. But for them the risks of retribution are too high or the current legal safeguards of witness protection are not trusted.

These people would have no prospect of being heard if there was not such an organisation as Crimestoppers. Anonymous calls can be made to the Police but their response to unevaluated information is likely to be given low priority or poor support.

How Does it Work?

Anyone with information calls the Crimestoppers call centre on 0800 555 111 and gives us as much information as they want. They may be asked further questions to see if they have any more information or to confirm how serious the caller is.

But they do not have to give their name or any other personal information, the call is not recorded nor can it be traced.

Very often the Police find that they are already working on the crime and the information they receive is invaluable.

Is it Really Anonymous?

When a crime, of whatever sort, is committed someone other than the criminal usually knows.

But people with information may have a number of good reasons for not wishing their identity to be known. Fear of retribution is one good reason. They may not want to be seen talking to the Police. They may not wish to compromise a relationship.

The fact that they can make a call unanimously removes those fears.

Is There a Reward?

It is difficult to conceive that an anonymous call with no name or contact point given could result in the payment of a reward without disclosing an identity.

Crimestoppers has established a procedure which allows for the payment of a reward while maintaining the caller’s anonymity.

When an arrest and charge is made and the caller seeks a reward they are assigned a unique reference number (URN). They can nominate a bank of their choice and date for payment. Using their URN they can go to the bank and withdraw the money without disclosing their identity.

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