About us

The North Edinburgh Community Safety Panel objectives are to support and promote initiatives which enhance the safety of all people living and working in the area. Working with Police Scotland, other agencies and community groups, the panel aims to promote schemes that

  • Reduce crime and address the causes of crime
  • Develop and promote good community relationships for all
  • Improve community facilities and resources

The Panel’s membership is made up of volunteers from the community and officers from Police Scotland. They are committed to developing long term initiatives that make North Edinburgh a safe and pleasant area for living, working and enjoying leisure activities.

This web site is designed to provide useful information about the activities of the Panel, activities in the area, safety and crime prevention information and other information about the area.

Information is also provided about retail, business and community groups in the area.


The Panel was formed in 2004 from two Crime Prevention Panels that have a long history of crime prevention and community safety work over the years. When the police divisions that covered North West Edinburgh and Leith were amalgamated to form the North Edinburgh Sub-Division, the North West Edinburgh and the Leith & Newhaven crime prevention panels merged. The new name, the North Edinburgh Community Safety panel was adopted in 2008 to reflect both the geographical area and the wider role of the Panel, recognising that crime prevention is an integral part of Community Safety.